Butterfly Vibrator

Butterfly vibrator – enhances both solo and couple acts

Butterfly vibrator – enhances both solo and couple acts

You must be aware of a traditional vibrator which is referred to as sex toys that acts a substitute for human penis. It looks like a penis and is used by women to provide pleasure to themselves in lonely times and the vibrator mechanism help them reach climax and experience orgasms. But, what exactly is a Butterfly vibrator?


A Butterfly vibrator is a typical vibrator that lacks the artificial penis part like that of a dildo or a rabbit vibrator. However, there is a valid reason to it. It is designed to fit the clitoris snugly and is used as a labia or clit stimulator. The device it attached with the help of straps that could be fixed either around the waist or legs.

The device gets its name due to its shape which resembles a butterfly. The vibrator acts in a very unique and amazing way. Once it is attached to your clitoris, the wings of the Butterfly vibrator moves its wings at different speeds to produce a vibrating sensation in that part and stimulate the clitoris or labia. There are a variety of these devices currently offered by different companies which comes in different colors and sizes. The material used in its construction also varies which can be molded soft plastic or silicon. Different colors are also made available so that a customer may purchase it according to their preferences, purple and pink being the most common of all.


These devices have many speed options which allow you to set the speed that would best suit your mood and would offer you the fullest satisfaction. The most interesting advantage of a Butterfly vibrator is that it can be used both by a woman and a man to stimulate their genital parts and attain sexual fulfillment. It can even be used as a part of sex where it is attached to the base of the male penis with his female partner on top of him. This would provide a vibration sensation to both of them and thus would lead to a beautiful and sweet climax.

Nowadays, it has been seen that many couples use these devices to add spice to their sex lives and enjoy a healthy sex life in the future with it. Butterfly vibrator, when used in an act of sex or solo, happens to provide a lady feel free by stimulating her clitoris, scientific researches show that these kinds of sensation releases tension and help women feel free and happy. Many women find it difficult to attain orgasm without clitoris stimulation. Therefore, to make sure your lady attains orgasm and is fully satisfied, you should try using this device whenever you make love to her. This also builds up a long lasting intimacy between couples.

A Butterfly vibrator is easy to wash and carry and can be put on while going outdoors. Some of these devices are available with a remote control which makes it easier to control while you are out shopping groceries. These are also good for those ladies who are pregnant or have just given birth to a baby as a sexual penetration can hurt them at these times.